Jonmaster – the revolution in professional cleaning



The revolutionary Jonmaster System from JohnsonDiversey combines the simplicity of a complete cleaning concept with the effective use of unique microfibres to bring you:

•The ability to clean more surface area in less time and with guaranteed hygiene standards
•Superior cleaning results,including effective bacteria removal
•Ergonomic product design that ensures ease of use and operator comfort
•Optimised use of daily cleaning chemicals



With the Jonmaster workstation the operator has everything he or she needs on the trolley and everything is easy to hand. With minimum downtime – no need to fill and empty buckets – more tasks can be done in less time and with less effort to achieve higher standards of cleanliness and hygiene.





Taski Logo

The Science of Floorcare

TASKI is a well established, well recognised wholly owned brand of JohnsonDiversey. It has a heritage based on many years of innovative product and systems development. From upright and tub vacuums, to ride-on scrubber dryers, TASKI provides the appropriate floorcare equipment solution.  All equipment is developed with the needs of the end user as the key priority. This results in a range of highly efficient, ergonomically designed machines which are robust, easy to use and cost effective.


A highly efficient range of machines ensures that every opportunity to improve your floor care task and make them more efficient is being addressed. TASKI machines are known for the use of latest technology in

design and manufacturing that enable true innovation breakthroughs in Performance, Ergonomics and Life Time costs.

Servizi Malta is proud to use Diversey Taski products for optimal hygiene guarantees.